PUBG Mobile Announces New 'LIVIK' Map - All You Need to Know | TheOPGaming

PUBG Mobile Announces New 'LIVIK' Map - All You Need to Know | TheOPGaming

PUBG Mobile announced the release of a Brand New Map called as LIVIK, on their official Twitter handle and later shared the same on their Instagram handle too. The map is created and is released today for Beta Players. This is the fifth map after Erangle, Mirarmar, Sanhok and Vikendi. Here is the tweet from PUBG Mobile Official Twitter Handle, have a look.

There has been rumours all around regarding the release of Erangle 2.0, which is not yet confirmed by the devs. This new map release may now hold the release of Erangle 2.0 for some more time. Erangle 2.0 has been a matter of talk from too much time and players are very excited for the same, but PUBG Mobile yet don't have any plans for the release of Erangle 2.0

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Now lets know more about the Livik Map. PUBG Mobile recently made some changes to the Miramar Map. The Livik map has some kind of Gardeny (like Garden) look. You would feel like you are in some European Region. From the teaser image released by PUBG Mobile it looks like the Livik Map may be a mixture of Erangle and Vikendi.

PUBG Mobile Announces New 'LIVIK' Map - All You Need to Know | TheOPGaming

The map is considered to be a small map, most probably the size of this map will be 2 × 2 km. The map may have green fields everywhere. From the above image one can say that the map will have Garden Fields which will contain Pinkish coloured flowers and Forests in which the trees may be similar to the Pine Tree.

The map will also have an area covered with snow. This region may also have snowy hills and mountains. Also, it is expected that the houses will be dispersed which means density of houses in a single region will be less and houses will be spread over the map. Also there is no information regarding the vehicles inside this map and it is considered that the vehicles will be same as those of Erangle and Vikendi. You may also have an option to Ski on the Snowy Hills.

If we have missed something or you want to share more information regarding this new map, you can share it via the blog's comment section.

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