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GTA 6 is the most awaited game. The game is said to be in early stage of development as of April 2020. GTA 5 was the most successfull and most selled Game developed by rockstar games. Because of this success the Rockstar's Game company have investing more time for the development of GTA-6 "Grand Theft Auto- VI" so it created craze and huge demand for this game.

On 11th June The PS5 reveal event took place. Rockstar games come with a announcement at very starting of the event. But the announcement was a trailer of GTA-V (expanded,modified and enhanced) version coming to PS5 in 2021. Much of gamers and fan's were disappointed because it wasn't a news of GTA-VI. Since The Rockstar game are bringing GTA5 to check whether the game is working in PS5 console properly so when they bring GTA-VI so there will be no such problem .

GTA 6 Launch Date

Some of the information result of GTA-VI when kotaku investigate into Rockstar's work culture and many more leaks from the employees who work with Rockstar game company. Since GTA-V is coming to PS5 in 2021. GTA-V is giving huge profit so there is no hurry to launch GTA-VI. Some leaks say that GTA-6 is developed 50-60%. Since the development has started from april 2020. So it may release december 2021 to september 2022. But some leaks say that because of Covid-19 the develeopment of this game is delayed so the game will be launched in 2023. Since there is no official date announced by rockstar games .

GTA-VI is since most awaited game and the game should be developed in such a way that it will create craze and demand among fans. Some of the leaks are also about what will be the game features,content,story and gameplay are spreads.

Some of the leaks and features we know so far:

  • According to some leaks the GTA-VI will have 4-5 Protagonist. Walther wallece a driver, Thomas Branigan a smuugler, Marcus Brake a drug dealer and will have son, Israeli idf soldier as a 4th protagonist. some leaks say that it may also include a Female Protagonist in GTA-6. Some rumors say that The GTA-VI will have only one Protagonist.
  • GTA Vice city was released in 2002. The vice city was liked by many on the demand GTA-VI will again bring Vice city map. It may include¬† combination of 2-4 city. It may include Red Dead Redemption 2 map and may or may not include sanandreas map. GTA-6 will be set in vice city, a southern america city and liberty city.
  • Some of the leaks say that the game will be set in 80's. The player charcter,costumes, gun and vechies and city may be design according to 80's time.
  • Some leaks say that the GTA-VI is inspired by a netflix show "Narcos". Narcos was the most popular show on the netflix. GTA-VI will focus on Protagonist rising the ranks in cartel and building the empire.
  • First of all the size of the Game will be less and it will increase the features and size in every update it will bring. The game graphics will be realistic and the weapons used in the game will also be realistic. At a time the character may not carry more weapons it may store in his vechile.

All this features and release date is not globally announced by Rockstar game. All this information are leaks which may not be true. But surely GTA-VI will entirely shake the Game industry when it is launched. Some leaks suggest that it may not come in PS4 if the game will be  released in 2023 then the console will be outdated.

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