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PUBG Mobile New Update
PUBG Mobile Update 0.19.0 is going to come soon. The new update of PUBG Mobile game will be released globally around second week of July 2020. In this new update PUBG Mobile game will bring again some new interesting features. PUBG Mobile game royal pass of season 13 will ends on 12th July 2020. It means you can buy season 14 royale pass from 13-14 th July. In every update PUBG Mobile always bring new maps, new guns, new modes, vechiles and many more interesting features. In this update we will see some interesting features that will be included in pubg mobile new update.
Cheerpark 2.0:
The update will bring new features in Cheerparks. The High-rise launcher we previously see in anniversary mode will now be added in Cheerpark 2.0. Player wiil be launched with machine in the air to use the parachute and glide again. In Cheerpark 2.0 you can also see the Hot Air Balloons which were present in sanhok map in Jungle adventure mode. The update will also bring Golden Mirado car in Cheerpark 2.0. The update also have increase the size of Trampoline and bring a icecream or food court in Cheerpark 2.0. The shooting place were you can train by using token is totally change. Some people whon invade vehicles causing problem to train or shoot is fixed.
New Map:
The update 0.19.0 will launch a new map in the PUBG Mobile. The new map consist of all the previous map in a single map. This map is basically called by players as a 'Fourex' map. This map also have Healing spring in it and it will be the smallest map among all. The healing spring may increase the health and energy if you are inside this spring.
Monster Truck:
This update also have bring new vechiles. In previous update we saw the Golden mirado in miramar 2.0. In this update we can see monster truck as a new vechile. Monster truck will dominate small vechiles. I think this monster truck will be seen only in new map, but it is not globally announce. You will see monster truck in special drop but it is not confirmed.
Erangel 2.0:
The chinese teaser of Erangel 2.0 video was awesome. The update have also bring new features in Erangel map. Erangel map is the most played map in the game. The certain buildings, warehouse and container. The map will have ultra HD graphics and secret Bunkers in Building.
Spark the flame mode:
The update 0.19.0 also have bring some intersting mode in classic map. This mode spark the flame mode can be seen in the Erangel 2.0. This mode will have white statue of stungrenades and camps in some location in map. Similarly like winter and amusement park mode previously were in the Erangel map. We have to ignite white statue of stungrenades and we will get interesting loot from it. The mode will also consist of some Camera feature in it.
 Disable Buttons Feature :
The update have bring disable button feature. In this player can disable some buttons they don't want in the control setting. The button will disappear from the screen. But you can only disable Fire and scope button.
Kill Effect settings:
Previously if we kill enemies there were two types of kill effects which player can option from the game ie green kill effect and default mythic kill effect. But in this update you can see three to four more new colured effect. The colour may be yellow, bright sparkle and red colour which is already present in chinese version.
Library mode :
This Update 0.19.0 will bring new mode in PUBG : Mobile game. This mode you can see either in playload or arena. In this mode there will be 4 vs 4 fight and the team with most kill will be winner. The player have to get each kill with a different gun. Along this features you can see new marks or symbol for grenades and also see new weapons Spas-12 which is dangerous for close range enemy. Update 0.19.0 may also bring new bolt Action rifle gun: Mosin nagant. In this update you can also see scope like dot red and holographic for Thomson and new quickfire\ scop button in this update. Update 0.19.0 can also bring some new features in playload mode also. Since there is no officially announcement of release date of Update 0.19.0. And may all features also you may not see in this update or you can also see some more new updates which are not mention in this.
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