Here's the good news for the Gta 5 lovers . Gta 5 is available on Epic Games for free .

This offer is valid till May 21 . Because of sale the Epic games sever were down . Here's the Epic games tweet .

But now they have fixed this issue and the site is working properly so avail benefit before its over.
You can also buy the game for free from mobile by just signing in into epic games website and buy it and later on you can install on pc with that account for free.

Rockstar Games have launched and Developed many Games. Early GTA- Vice city was popular and was on demand, Due to love for this GTA games Rockstar games have developed many Games and all games have amazing gameplay, graphics
and better story. Rockstar game have launched various Grand Theft Game. Some of them are listed:- 1]Grand Theft Vice city 2] Grand Theft Sanandreas Game 3] Grand Theft Auto-3 4] Grand Theft Auto-4 5]Grand Theft Auto-5 and many more.
The popularity of this game was high and demand also, but GTA-5 have created amazing craze for the gamer. Grand Theft Auto-V was developed in 2013 by Rockstar-north and published by Rockstar games. GTA-V is action adventure game.
the game was launched in 2013 but the craze of this game is also in 2020 and I think many more years.
GTA-V was action packed game. Every Gamer want to play this game atleast once. Since the game was on high demand but the price of this game for PC was around 1499 Rs. Because of its prize some was Unable to buy this game . Some were trying to hack this game to get free and many more ways to play game free. Now you can get officially this game free. Yes !! you can play GTA-V  free on PC. Epic games have officially tweeted that he have made GTA-5 free. GTA-5 premium edition is free in epic game store for 21st May. Because of High demand offered can be reduced. So take advantage of this offer.

To get this game go on chrome and search epic game store. You can directly sign in or can install epic game store launcher. If you don't have account on epic game sign up.  After sign in go and click GTA-V and select Get Game. It is absolutely free.
There is one verification step enter your email or phone No. After that you are able to buy the Game. After buying receipt will be sent to your email. And the game is owned by you.
                           "Go and take the Advantage of this offer". Hurry up !!

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