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1) Player Unknown is used in title because it was the gaming name of Brendan Greene who is PUBG director.

PlayerUnkowns's BattleGround (PUBG) is a Battle Royale Game formally developed/published by Bluehole. PUBG is now being developed and maintained by PUBG Corp, a Bluehole subsidiary company in cooperation with Brendan Greene (PLAYERUNKNOWN) as the Creative Director, PUBG is Greene's first standalone game.

2) Origin of name Erangel

The name Erangel is a combination of Eryn – Brendan Greene’s daughter – and Angel.

3) Many Gamer have just spend 1000$ to buy virtual bandana which was originally available for free in pre order version of game.

It's just an in-game item that is used for customising your character's appearance to have this bandana on. There's no reward or combat bonus points, it's just cosmetic. Currently, the only way to get this bandana is by buying it on the Steam marketplace. Initially it was available in a Pre-Order Crate, a series of loot boxes that were given out to those who pre-ordered the $40.00 edition of PUBG.

4) Bluehole studio has never advertise PUBG. (This is about PUBG PC).

PUBG’s developer company BlueHole Studios actually did not spent any money for its advertisement. The game practically became famous on its own and with the help of game streamers.

5) According to record 55% owner of PUBG are Counter Strike player.

6) Winner Winner Chicken Dinner prashe has been taken from Gamblers.

They use this phrase after winning a bet and  have a chicken dinner in the nearby restaurant.

7) PUBG is the only game who has advertised on Indian television. ( Here we are talking about PUBG Mobile & Fact Number 4 is for PUBG PC).

Yes, PUBG Mobile is the only mobile game that has once had its commercial telecasted on Indian television.

8) The Contribution of Royal Pass in Company's Revenue.

After introducing Royal Pass in PUBG, the company's revenue is increased about 365%.

9) PUBG Mobile vs PUBG PC (Players Count)

PUBG (both Mobile and PC) has appoximately or more than 200 Million active players per month. But Pubg Mobile has more players compared to PUBG PC.

10) KAR98K's bullet goes downwards after 300m

Most snipers have fast bullets, however, the Kar98K has the slowest bullet while the AWM has the fastest. Go to the training ground, pick up the snipers, the ammo, and the 8× scope. Now try to hit the target at the 300m mark while standing behind the tables. Thats where the bullets of most snipers start dropping. The Kar98K usually needs generous amounts of compensation for bullet drop. The M24 is faster and doesn't need as much compensation. The AWM however, only drops by very little even at 300 m.

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