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PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Update:Here's Everything We know About In this Update 

 During this lockdown everyone is busy in mobile and playing games. Since PUBG Mobile is already played a lot and there is huge demand of this game. Here's a good news for all PUBG fans, the game has confirmed the launch date for 0.18.0 Update. According to the tweet of PUBG Mobile new update will arrive on 7 May 2020. Apart from this update the new season will arrive soon.

According to some leaked information the new season will be titled as "Toy Playground". The new update has bring new guns,new features,amazing map and new season with amazing skin and new characters.

P90 Machine Gun: 

 P90 is sub machine gun(SMG). This gun will be seen in only Arena mode ie in deathmatch, but this gun will be not seen in classic match. The gun can take up to 50 bullets in single fire.
This gun have limited range and this gun requires 9mm bullets. The gun will support muzzles,foregrips and sight for attachment. I think this will become your favourite gun.



 Some of the leaks of PC version of PUBG has already got this features. SCOPED WINCHESTER 94 is also called as Win94. It can be used as mid range sniper.

The gun will be automatically attached with Scope. This will be a 2.7 x scope making the gun powerful.

Miramar 2.0 : 

The update have bring the amazing features in the Miramar map. The update have bring the racing track in the Miramar map. Along with racing track the update have bring vending machine in Miramar map which will dispense or give you painkillers and energy drink. The vending machine get damage if you fire bullets on it , and automatically get repaired after 5-6 minutes. The update have also bring new location in Miramar map. The Oasis is the new location which is water town city. And many cities like ruins are updated in Miramar map. The Update also have bring new Car in map. The car is called Mirado. The Golden Mirado car look amaze.


In Miramar 2.0 ie In miramar new map there will be thunderstorm mode, ie how erangel map day/night mode. The miramar map will have thunderstorms at specific location in thuderstorm mode.
In thunderstorms Area you will get special loot. In light thunderstorms area your visibility will be slightly less. you cannot see clearly because of thunderstorms. In heavy thunderstorms your visibility is extremely gone, It will be diificult to see enemies and many areas because of heavy sandstorms. This will be available for limited period.

Jungle Mode :

The update will bring jungle mode in Sanhok map. This will be amazing mode in sanhok map. In this map you will be able to see Hot Balloons which you can ride. One of the player have to maintain gas in the balloon. You can jump out from the ballon and Parachute will be available.

The Jungle mode also have Jungle foods which you can eat. There are also some jungle gods ,when you pray you will get something. In jungle mode you can also able to do jungle dance when you press dance. The mode is called Jungle Adventure mode.

BlueHole Mode: 

The Update have also bring another mode ie BlueHole Mode. In playlab you will see this Bluehole mode. The Bluehole mode will have purple zone inside white safe zone. In 1st Phase you will lose your life in purple zone similar to the blue zone. so you have to be away from purple zone. In next phase the purple zone will be the safe zone. you have to remain inside the purple zone to be safe.
Basically you have to be quick and aware while playing this mode. Bluehole mode can also be named as "SAFETY SCRAMBLED MODE".

Training Mode 2.0 or CheerPark : 

 The update also will update Training mode. You can see amazing parks and houses and building in Training mode. In Training mode 2.0 you can train with your friends you can invite your friends
in Training mode. The machines in anniversary season you can now see in Training mode.

Some of the other features you will see after this update that there will be auto equipping scope option you can see. you can also new and improved bullets fire marks. The update also have bring side scope: the side scope will helps your gun to attach two scope one for nearest enemies and one for farthest enemies. You can also be copy control layout from FPP to TPP and viceversa.
This are the features which you will see in the update 0.18.0 PUBG Mobile.

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