Battlegrounds Mobile India Biggest Glitch in 1.7 update: Entire Nimbus Z Island Empty in the Mirror World Mode

BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India), the Indian version of the infamous PUBG Mobile came with a bang in India. Battleground mobile India 1.7 update brings the new experience of mirror world mode, directly serviced by Krafton. Introducing Mirror World, where powerful energy had ripped into Erangel, and it’s up to you to take on them simultaneously while battling with other foes. Mirror Mode is available in Erangel, Livik, and Sanhok. However, the Mirror Island which is a large island in the air will be appearing only in the Mirror World mode in Erangel.

Mirror World Mode:

After you enter Mirror Island, there are tons to do. There’s loot to collect after you jump down to the island but beware of the very unstable hex energy which will make the Island split after a certain time. You can acquire character skills, transform randomly into one of Jinx/Vi/Jayce/Caitlyn and use new weapons and skills to fight other foes. Beware though, if you are eliminated, you will be kicked out and returned to your normal state.

Season C1S3 starts on November 19, 2021, and runs until January 17, 2022. Mirror world update brings more excitement to the game, but this update also brings many glitches, bugs, and hackers in the game which created intrusion to the many gamers.

The Nimbus islands divided into "P" and "Z" islands are reminiscent of the "Rising Temple," which appeared in-game during the "Pharaoh Rises" event last year. However, it is seen that the Nimbus islands attract a lot more players than the Rising Temple.

Empty Island Glitch video

Empty Island Glitch:

On the last day of the mirror world mode, on 10th January 2022 around 9.30 PM IST on the India server. One squad faced the glitch in the mirror world mode on Nimbus Z Island and the Glitch is reported as the biggest glitch of the 1.7 updates. The squad sees that the entire mirror world 2nd island was empty. There is no chance of being the island empty. Since the islands are divided into two, each having its geography but plenty of loot, they become the attraction centers. Players can respawn on the main map even after getting killed on the Nimbus islands.

Several squads drop on the Nimbus islands to take on initial fights. Every time around 13-18 squad lands on the Nimbus Z Island of mirror world, but the squad sees that the entire Nimbus Z Island is empty. The squad take the advantage of the glitch and roam as a lone squad and looted all the possible items that they needed without fear of getting killed by any other squad. It will remain a mystery where other squads were spawned. Many users face problems related to landing on Nimbus Island. Many users have come up with an issue of the invisible body or head part in the Gameplay.

Champion Island Glitch:

Some others Bugs users faced in the mirror world update were in the champion island. The Champion islands are further divided into A and B islands. When the timer strikes zero, several portals open on the maps that let players reach the Mirror World, where they can transform into heroes and take fights with other players and pick up easy kills. Players can either take the shape of Jinx, Vi, Jayce, or Caitlyn and can use their respective weapons only.

While taking the Jinx character many gamers face the issue that due to some bug, they cannot use the main power on the jinx character and they were also not able to jump and slide.  Some were facing issues related to transforming, every user can transform a character at the champion island for one time, some were not able to transform their character at a particular position.

Hackers and other Minor Issues 

The Biggest Drawback in the game is the rise of hackers. Among the many reasons leading to the inevitable end of the game, hackers are the most critical ones. The number of hackers and cheaters in BGMI has increased drastically. Players are now meeting with hackers in every 4 out of 5 games. Unfortunately, Krafton has failed to manage its anti-cheat system and ban hackers. It is very frustrating to be killed by hackers every now & then. This leads to players quitting playing.

Suggestion to KRAFTON team:

A few genuine improvements are truly necessary for the game. Or else, BGMI will soon become a game long-forgotten, especially with the rapid development in the Mobile Gaming Industry. They ought to likewise concentrate on the player's feedback, and understand what the players need. Else, just the E-Sports part of the game will be left.

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