How to find Netherite Quickly in Minecraft


Netherite is powerful than Diamonds and very rare ore . It is use to make sword, chestplate , helmet, pants, Boots and other tools .   Weapons made by netherite are more stronger and durable than one made by diamond , they are fire resistance too i.e If any of the netherite_tools fall in lava they will float on lava  .  You get less damage while Wearing Netherite_armour in minecraft.

Netherite armour can be obtain through Ancient Debris.

Ancient Debris

Ancient Debris can be found in Nether only , There are 2 ways to find netherite . By mining in nether and by finding it into bastion remnant where piglins are gaurding . There are less chance that you will find ancient debris in bastion remnant . It is difficult way to get ancient debris . So most convinient way to find ancient debris is mining in Nether . Ancient debris can be obtain only through diamond pickaxe . So you require diamond pickaxe for mining . Ancient Debris cannot be burned by any fire .


How to find Netherite Quickly

Ancient Debris are fire resistance and source of netherite . To find ancient debris you need to be at level 12 - 22 (y axis) and you should have diamond pickaxe and  beds or tnt in large number . Thats it now dig and place the bed or tnt blow it and you can find Ancient Debris as they are fire resistance they will not burn . With this you can easily find Ancient Debris and from Ancient Debris you will find Netherite scrap.

How to find Netherite

How to find Netherite

Netherite From Ancient Debris

Placing Ancient Debris in furnace or in blast furnace  with coal will give netherite_scrap and it is used to make netherite_ignot .  4 netherite_scrap can make 1 netherite_ignot and 1 ancient debris gives only 1 netherite_scrap . It is a shape less recipe i.e placing 4 netherite scraps with 4 golds anywhere in crafting table  will give 1 nethire that can be use to upgrade tools and armour.


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