How to respawn in nether using respawn anchor

respawn anchor

What is respawn anchor (RA)?

As you know we cannot place bed in nether . If we try to place, it explodes . so we can't set respawn point in nether through bed . Instead we can use respawn anchor (RA) to set respawn point in nether . To use RA you need to charge it with Glow stone . you can charge RA for 4 respawn with 4 glow stone , i.e if you get respawn through respawn anchor(RA)  you used its 1 charge(one charge is one respawn) and now you are left with 3 respawn in nether . once charge is used you can charge it again with Glow stone .

Recipe to make Respawn anchor

respawn anchor


Items Required: Crying obsidian , Glow stone , Crafting table 

respawn anchor

As shown in above image you need crying obsidian and a glow stone to Build RA . you can find Glow Stone upwards in nether ,By breaking glow stone you can find glowstone dust (Breaking one glow stone can give you 2 glowstone dust) and by using glowstone dust you can make glow stone . To craft glow stone you need to place glowstone dust in 4 blocks as shown in above image  (you need 4 glowstone dust to make one glow stone ). You can find crying obsidian by piglin in exchange of gold , you need 6 crying obsidian to build RA .

respawn anchor

Place 3 crying obsidian in first and  3 in last block of crafting table and in 3 glow stone in middle block as shown in above image . Thats it! now you have successfully crafted a respawn anchor (RA) . Place the respawn anchor (RA) in the nether to set respawn point . Now you need glow stone to charge it , craft the glow stone from glowstone dust . Right click on RA by holding glow stone . One glow stone can give you one respawn .


Place the respawn point where you can find more glow stone so that when you respawn you can use glow stone to immediately charge the RA as soon as you use one .


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