Best Sensitivity Settings for PUBG Mobile Lite No Recoil

Best sensitivity settings for pubg mobile lite no recoil

PUBG MOBILE LITE is a lighter but more exhilarating version of PUBG Mobile.  PUBG MOBILE LITE will give players the same experience as one gets while playing PUBG Mobile. PUBG MOBILE LITE can run on low specs devices and build with original PUBG Mobile gameplay.

PUBG MOBILE LITE is developed by Lightspeed & Quantum and published by Tencent Games .  PUBG MOBILE LITE game requires 600 MB of free space and 1 GB RAM mobile to run smoothly.
PUBG MOBILE LITE Sensitivity setting will help you how fast you can move, react and how precise you can aim on the enemy with minimum recoil of the gun. Here are some of the best sensitivity settings which will definitely improve your gameplay and increase your KD ratio.

Camera Sensitivity:

Camera sensitivity relates to the look around view of a player. By adjusting this a player will be able to look around how fast/slow he/she wants. Here is the best camera sensitivity which will help you to aim the targets properly and adjust recoil.
• No scope: 103-105%
• Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 63-65%
• VSS: 17%
• 2X scope: 28-30%
• 3x scope: 20-22%
• 4x scope: 17%
• 6x scope: 12% or 13%
• 8x scope: 9%

ADS Sensitivity:

ADS (Aim Down Sight) will determine how much control a player will have over recoil while firing.  ADS sensitivity changes the amount of pressure you need to apply to keep your automatic fire on your target. Here are the best ADS sensitivity settings which will adjust recoil of your AR gun.
• No scope: 115%
• Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 54-56%
• VSS: 15-17%
• 2X scope: 34%
• 3x scope: 20%
• 4x scope: 16%
• 6x scope: 15-17%
• 8x scope: 11-13%

Gyroscope Sensitivity:

Gyroscope in PUBG Mobile tracks the movement of the device and converts this movement into motion in the game. The game uses the gyroscope sensor which optimizes screen orientation with the mobile physical movement. Here is the best Gyroscope sensitivity which will help in controlling weapons recoil and taking a better aim.

•No scope: 198%
• Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 200%
• VSS: 60-62%
• 2X scope: 89%
• 3x scope: 60%
• 4x scope: 60-62%
• 6x scope: 197-200%
• 8x scope: 41-43%

Graphics Setting:

Keep your graphics setting to smooth this will smoothify your gameplay and the battery consumption will also be less. Keeping your frame ratio too high will help you to spot enemies quickly and give you significant advantage in gun fights.
Selecting the style settings to colourful will give you smooth experience and helps the player to spot enemy or enemies vehicles easily. This setting will also change the texture of house, road and trees. If you are not satisfied by keeping style to colorful make it classic which is default setting. Check if the Anti-aliasing is on or off, In case if it is off, then turn it to On.
Sensitivity is a matter of personal taste preference. Players can go beyond the range mentioned above, if they feel comfortable with the device they used.

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