How to find imposter in among us

Here are some Tips about How to find imposter in among us . Among us is multiplayer game were where crewmates have to look up for  imposter on spaceship among them . Where crew members are assign with some task to complete for victory or have to kick imposters from spaceship by voting . Number of imposter in game are depend on mode you have selected while finding game . You can see the progress in task bar .
How to find imposter in among us.

How to find imposter

Imposter are given list of fake task  , i.e they can't do the task they have to act like they are doing Task . Imposter have to kill members to win .  They Can sabotage and vent .

How to find imposter

Red light on Security Cameras:

How to find imposter

If security camera has blinking red light as shown in image it means that someone is checking security cam . You can freely do task around camera area . con of this trick is that imposter can also view camera .

Some of the task cannot be fake like 

Clearing Astroids:

How to find imposter in among us

how to find imposter tip 1 :- Imposter cannot fake clearing astroids mission cause firing can be seen as shown in image . If the player is doing clearing astroids task always look for fire from the spaceship if there is no firing for a while that means imposer is faking task.


How to find imposter in among us

how to find imposter tip 2 :- If you you find player scanning their body than it is crewmate cause imposter can't scan .If  you also have task to scan body do in front of player who did it in front of you or non suspicious to you. This will prove that you are not imposter  .

Cleaning from storage:

How to find imposter

how to find imposter tip 3 :- While player doing cleaning mission it shows that garbage is thrown out from spaceship . Imposter can't fake this mission if imposter is trying to do cleaning mission in storage than look for garbage get out of spaceship or not.

Tip to Remember :

Imposter cannot sabotage while standing on vent .

how to find imposter tip 4 :- Find Who is Faking Task :

This is most important tip to catch imposter , The question arise how can you look for the player who is faking task . Stand near the player who are performing task and look at the task bar , is it increasing or remains same after player has completed task  .

how to find imposter tip 5 :- Not fixing Emergencies:

Imposter create emergencies like oxygen ,reactor and communication by sabotaging . The crewmate can fix it under 30 seconds . Player that seems not fixing it are imposter .


how to find imposter using Security Room :

Keep an eye on player from security room through camera and keep track of players movement.


how to find imposter Using Admin Room:

Go to admin room use admin map . As we know Player can't vent only imposter can . So  admin map give us the live view of player location . Keep the track of the players movement , if player move directly from on room to another by venting you will get to know it from admin map. Go to the room where player came through venting And find who it is . Yes you have to go to room to find out who it was . Because admin map show all players in same color .


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