Online Games to Play with Friends

 Online Games to Play with Friends

Whenever a group of friends is hanging together, it is the ideal chance to play a game. Playing online games as an adult can do everything from assist with you to tackle your stress to boost your overall well-being-something that we as a whole need during these hefty occasions. Sometimes you can’t physically be with your friends because of online games you can virtually connect with them. The interesting part is finding a game that everyone will appreciate and enjoy. This article will help by sharing 5 amazing online games to play with Friends.

BTW, there are 3 more bonus games at the end of the article, don’t forget to check them out.

5 Online Games to Play with Friends:

1.Fun Run 3

Online Games to Play with Friends

Fun Run 3 is a classic running race game offered by Dirtybit. Fun Run 3 is all about playing an awesome game with friends and beating them to the finish line. Race against other real players while getting away from real obstacles truly entertaining game. Sabotage your adversary sprinters' advancement to WIN the race in this great game to play online. Full speed ahead! Slice, smash and destroy your rivals to the finish line.

Cool & Fun Features:
• 30+ new power-ups
• Arena-the new 8 player racing game mode
• Clan Battles in a 2v2 mode
• Customize your avatar

Download size- 90.19 MB

2.Brawl Stars

Online Games to Play with Friends

Brawl Stars is a Hero shooter multiplayer mobile game developed and published by Supercell. Brawl star is a third-person hero shooter game where players fight against other players or AI opponents in multiple game modes. Players can pick between characters considered Brawlers that they have opened through boxes, the Brawl Pass, or bought through the shop to use in fights.

• Team up for real-time 3v3 battles against players from across the world
• Unlock and collect new, powerful Brawlers - each with a signature attack and Super ability
• Customize Brawlers with unlockable skins
• Different modes and new events

Download size- 148 MB


Online Games to Play with Friends

BombSquad is an explosive arcade-style 8 player party game developed by Eric Froemling. Bounce, punch, throw and bomb your approach to victory as you contend in plenty of mini-games including Capture-the-Flag, King-of-the-Hill, Bomber-Hockey, and Epic-Slow-Motion-Elimination. BombSquad is the best 8 players arcade online game to play with friends.

• 8 players local/networked multiplayer
• Gratuitous explosions
• advanced ragdoll face-plant physics, pirates, ninjas, barbarians, and more.

Download size- 72 MB

4.Standoff 2

Online Games to Play with Friends

Standoff 2 is the dynamic first-person shooter mobile game offered by AXLEBOLT LTD. Standoff 2’s main game mode is a Deathmatch, in which two teams battle against each other for 5 minutes. It’s a mobile version of counter strike with fantastic graphics and visuals. Standoff 2 is the best online first-person shooting game to play with friends.

• 6 maps and 5 game modes
• Friends, lobbies, and Text chat.
• Competitive games, Tournaments, and new models of knives, grenades.

Download size- 0.92 GB

5.AdventureQuest 3D MMO RPG

Online Games to Play with Friends

AdventureQuest 3D is a multiplayer cross-platform role-playing game offered by Artix Entertainment LLC. The Game is set in a world brimming with monsters, magic, and adventures. Gathering up with your friends with a simple system that allows players to aggregate with just two quick taps to call or be brought by a friend.

• Special Events, Seasonal Events
• Real-Time Combat.
• Pets.
• Teleport to your friends.
• Cross-Platform

Download size- 53 MB.

Bonus Online Games to Play with Friends:

Dead by Daylight Mobile (1.7 GB)
Ludo King (54 MB)
SUP Multiplayer Racing (95 MB)


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