8 Interesting Facts about cs go


Some Interesting Facts about CS GO :

Facts about CS GO:

facts about cs go
Facts about CS GO

Counter Strike Global Offensive is a multiplayer first person shooting game developed by Valve and Hidden path Entertainment.

1]  CS:GO game didn't have skins for Guns when it was initially launched. Guns have default skins, later an update was given to the game called 'THE ARM DEAL UPDATE ' on 13 August 2013 where cosmetic finishes for weapons were added. Now these cosmetic finishes are called Skin for weapons, later this skin became popular and people were buying these finishes or skin for weapons with money.

2] In CS:GO Game there is a map called Overpass map where there is a Bank name called TTK Bank. In TTK Bank there are ATM machines or Cash machines. If we shoot on these machines dummy notes will come out from the machine. We cannot use these notes, these notes are only for fun.

3] In the counter strike map you saw some chickens ,but these chickens cannot  move; they were only in a fixed position. CS:GO game also has this chicken, but this chicken now randomly moves anywhere. If you go in front of the chicken and Press E Button then this chicken will start to follow you until these chickens are killed.

4] In CS:GO there is a map called DE-TRAIN or Train map. In this map you can listen to songs. There is a radio placed in the map, which plays "TEAM FORTRESS 2" Theme Song.

5] Now in fact we will talk about some Bots in CS:GO. This BOT name is inspired or taken from real life people's names, like BOT Gabe this name is given from the name Gabe Newell, who is the Co-founder of Company Valve.

6] In CS:GO we have to plant Bombs and the other team will diffuse. When the enemy team plants a bomb and throws a smoke bomb on it, It will be difficult for us to find the planted bomb because of smoke, but if you keep the tutorials on, you can easily locate the bomb in the smoke because it will show marks "Defuse the bomb!" where the bomb is planted.

7] In CS:GO you can't see shadows of your own although you can see shadows of other players.

8]The 'Molotov' Cocktail deals more damage then Incendiary grenades and it costs $200 less.

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