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Interesting Facts About Minecraft Game: :

Facts About Minecraft

7 Facts About Minecraft


1 out of 7 Facts About Minecraft

For developing every game it almost take 6-8 months or even 1-year. But you know Minecraft Game was developed and created in 6 Days. Yes! Markus Persson  was making side project and  create this game in 6-Days, .The game was created using Java programming language and it was released in 2009 for personal computers before officially releasing in November 2011 with more development and fixing bug.


2 out of 7 Facts About Minecraft

Every game companies to sell their games they do lots of advertising and spent crores of rupees. Even rockstar companies also advertise lot to sell their games. Epic game also invest lots of money for advertisement of fortnite game. But Minecraft Game become popular with  "word of mouth" and social media. Initially there was no marketing  and advertisement of this game. You know on social media PewDiePie was doing gaming stream of minecraft in youtube. social media was the second reason of popularity of this game. So developer didn't  need to spent money for advertising.

3 out of 7 Facts About Minecraft

The Minecraft Game became so famous that microsoft bought this game  from Mojang studios with all the rights of this game. The deal for this game was of  2.5 billion dollars. So microsoft brought this game for 2.5 billion dollar from Mojang studios with all the rights.

4 out of 7 Facts About Minecraft

Have you ever think what will be the size of bricks used in Minecraft Game in real life ? Since everything in Minecraft Game is with brick  and all bricks are equal in size. So the size of brick used in Minecraft Game is 1 meter in real life. If you think with same logic , then the chicken you see in the game will be 3 ft size in real.

5 out of 7 Facts About Minecraft

Creepers which are monster in the game are created by mistake. . Creator was not wishing to make this creeper, he was written code for pigs.  For pig height he uses pig width measurement and for pig width he mistakely written pig height measurement. Because of this he get a different creature so he introduce shocking or electrical waves in this. So we get this monter creepers in Minecraft Game which was a coding  error.

6 out of 7 Facts About Minecraft

Another monster Ghast in Minecraft Game have some weird noise. They tell you to be alert. But you know for ghast voice there is a small funny story. The music producers introducing some sound in the game, mistakely record the sound of his cat when the cat wakeup from his sleep. So when he listen this song he gets idea that introduce this cat sound in Ghast monster. So Ghast monster have this weird type of sound.

7 out of 7 Facts About Minecraft

The Markus Persson creator of this Game have built special avtaar for him. Which little bit look like him. When the character die an apple is dropped or placed where he died in Minecraft Game.

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