How to unlock agents in valorant

How to unlock agents in valorant

Valorant is multiplayer game with the concepts of attacker and defender . where one team plant the spike and other team try to defuse it and after half time role of teams change . Before the start of the game you have to choose an agent which is available and comfortable to you . Players from the same team cannot select same agent. Every agents have different powers to use in match . Today we will see how to unlock agent in valorant.

How to unlock agents in valorant

Only few agents are available for new player . So they have to play their matches from the available agent . After playing quite a number of matches you will get chance to unlock your first agent of  your choice at level 5 and again on level 10 you can unlock agent of your choice .

How to unlock More Agents in Valorant

Unlocking other agent is not easy as unlocking first 2 agents . There are two ways to unlock agents first is  buying agent by valorant points and second is playing match and earning xp .

Here How you can unlock agent by xp

How to unlock agents in valorant

Step 1 to unlock agents in valorant :

Click on the agent tab as shown in image . you can see which agent is locked and which is unlocked After clicking agent tab , Now click on agent you want to unlock .

Step 2 to unlock agents in valorant :

After you click on the agent you will get 2 option activate and view contract . Click on Activate for activating the contract of the agent you want to unlock .

Step 3 to unlock agents in valorant :

After activating you can click on view contract . There will be 5 tier in chapter 1 and 5 in chapter 2 . After activating contract you will unlock the a tier by playing any mode of game with any agent which will give you xp  . unlocking each tier will give some reward . You will get the selected agent after you have unlocked tier 5 and at tier 10 of chapter 2 you will get Gun skin . Rewards are different for different agents. Each tier can also be unlocked by valorant points .


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