PUBG Announces New 8.2 Update

PUBG new update

PUBG is all set for a new update that will add a new weapon, decoy grenades, along with some other performance improvements and bug fixes. The 8.2 update will be released for PUBG PC players on August 19 and will be released a little later for Xbox One and PS4 on August 27.

MG3 Light Machine Gun


As per PUBG, a new weapon to be introduced in this upcoming update which is the MG3 Light Machine Gun. The weapon has two different rates of fire (between 660 rpm and 990 rpm), a bipod for stability.  The gun also has tracer rounds to help you keep track of your spray for every fifth shot fired and the last 10 bullets in a magazine or in simple words, it helps to keep a track of where the bullets are going. The gun also cause more damage to vehicles. The MG3 will only spawn in Normal matchers via Care Packages.

Decoy Grenade

Decoy Granade TheOPGaming PUBG

Another new addition along with the MG3 Light Machine Gun is the Decoy Grenade. The decoy grenade will help player to distract their enemies and hide their movements. Decoy grenades are new throwables, when burst, they sound like gunshot. This grenade will make fake gunshot sound for almost 10 seconds, this will give players some time to move. Hence it can be used as an tactical item to cover the movements and distract the enemies in other direction. The decoy grenades will only be available on Sanhok in Normal Matches.

M416, SKS and Kar98k have also been redesigned to enhance their visual quality. Along with their looks, firing sounds of these weapons have also been improved.

In this new update, some performance improvements has been made which includes better font loading process to reduce irregular delays in game. Along with this the character data has been optimized to reduce instances of delays.

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